Love without Boundaries

So these past few days have been all about LOVE.

I am love, I am merely an observer of the world and what is happening in front of my physical body.

Love without boundaries, meaning keep your heart space open no matter what. Past experiences that we have perceived as negative can easily close our heart space as well as positive experiences. When these negative experiences occur we immediately close our heart space and hold on to the thoughts and emotions attached to that past experience and when something similar pops up we already have a preconceived thought and emotion attached to it. Again keeps it closed. Its like cutting off the circulation in your heart. Drained, depressed, sad, down, lethargic.

But think of it like this…

Do I really want to cut off the energy flow?

I don’t, so I am practicing keeping my heart space open through every experience I have. I am practicing being the observer, taking a step back and watching things happen with an open heart. No matter what is going on in front of me, I choose to continue my energy flow. I choose energy, positivity, happiness, joy.

Love without Boundaries.

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