Dwelling in Truth

Today marks the beginning of the full moon affects. Get excited! I know I am. I participated in an informal full moon ceremony.

I know and understand what I need to work on and that is to let go of self doubt. We all do it, we are all human. However, believing in the words that I say is what it comes down too. TRUST. Trusting my inner self, you know that gut feeling you get when you just know. That’s what I am talking about.

I went into meditation and talked with my guides. They said to me there is no need for self doubt because we know what is best for you at all times, and if you listen you will hear us. They kept repeating the word TRUST. Trusting will clear self doubt.

After my meditation I sat on that and pondered. Everyone who participated in the meditation was offered to pull a card from a selection of tarot and oracle cards. This was mine…

Dwelling in Truth

I stand in the light of truth. Be honest with yourself and listen to your inner guidance. Follow it by speaking your truth. To thine own self be true.

The Universe wants you to know…

There is a place inside of you that ALWAYS knows the truth!

What a trip! Pulling this card after my meditation, amazing! Complete confirmation. This is true for everyone, not just me.

Happy Blue Moon/ Sap Moon! Let your Soul Shine!

Love, Light and Healing

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