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And so it is…

So I have thinking a lot about blogging being that I haven’t done much with it. To me blogging is more of an impersonal journal and if you are comfortable perhaps even more personal.

People can read what you write or not at all. Either way it’s a new idea to journaling. Although I still enjoy the old fashioned ink to paper. However, I also like the idea that I can share what experiences I grow through on my new journey. In fact, I have been inspired once again from my dear friend, Krysta.

I have decided to start officially blogging about my journey, starting back in January of 2015. Where I was reborn. The journey involves lots of self healing, mediating, books, and like minded people I have met since my new journey began.

There were so many pivotal moments I have encountered and tragic losses. The unknowing

Rebirth is going to be the beginning and I look forward to sharing it with whom ever decides to read it. There will be amazing resources that I will share on how to and books that have shaped my new life for the better.

We all have a story, I would like to share mine

Love, Light, and Healing

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