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Earth Day

Today I had an art show in the mountains. I had my car packed the night before and I was to drive 45 mins to my destination to set up. I wake up at 5am, mind you I never wake up that early unless absolutely necessary. I am half way there and realized I left 2 things behind. BOOOOO…

I forgot the poles I use to hang my dreamcatchers on. Laughing at the situation I turn around, knowing that I wasn’t supposed to get there early, due to forgetting to pack those in. I get back and put them in my car and I begin my drive all over again.

I get up there and I cannot for the life of me find where it is I am supposed to be. I pull over numerous amounts of times just keep turning around! Finally I see a sign, it was so small I missed it multiple times. All I can do is laugh. I so badly wanted to be upset and irritated, but every time I tried, all that kept coming back to me was there is a good reason for you not to be early.

I finally find where I am supposed to be and get all set up. It was a beautiful day, sunshine filled the sky and the skies were blue. There was live music and entertainment, all kinds of people everywhere. It was actually quite slow for me and I was so tired but by the end I sold a peace-catcher, 3 magnets and an infinity scarf. So grateful. I was able to close up shop and head back into town.

As I descended from the mountains around 230pm, I get notice that my lady friends are at the winery at a country music festival. I drive straight there my car still packed with all my goodies, in the same clothes, wiped out and ready to have some more fun in the sun!

So blessed to have had a wonderfully beautiful day. More sun, more music, more outdoors and with amazing people! No other way to spend Earth Day!

Love, Light and Healing

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