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New Chapter April 1st 2019

Today marks a brand new era for me. 11 years ago today I began a new way of life without alcohol. Today I embark on a beautiful new chapter of love light and MAGIC. Where everything is POSSIBLE.

Today I registered my new gold Toyota Rav4 and finally got my vanity plates that I’ve always wanted. Her name is Golden Goddess, she totally represents everything new in my life and all the new beginnings that are happening. Not to be confused with my vanity plate which is my nickname.

My 2 numbers are 7 and 11. I recently found out that April in numerology equals 11 and it was no coincidence that I was born on the 25th which equals 7. This April in particular is where I step into a new light, where things I manifest come quickly and easily. I was also born on Arbor Day, which is a celebration of planting trees. Every year I try to plant a tree if not a really cool huge plant into the ground. Another non-coincidence that I was born on such a grounding day. Taurus’s are known for their groundedness, so if you were born on the 25th get excited! You happen to be one of the most grounded people you will know. Solely, my opinion.

Every year I try to do something I have never done before for my birthday. Last year I went to Vegas with my dad and saw ZZ TOP. We road out on his motorcycle and had an amazing time! Thanks dad!

So this year with so much thought and pondering, my best friend and I came up with going to Prince Edward Island, Canada. I am so excited. We will be gone for 4 days and have rest and relaxation and zero pressure of any kind. Thankfully we are 2 amazing individuals who enjoy each others company immensely. lol…

After we booked that, I booked my flight to go visit her in Austin Texas for a 5 day adventure in July for her birthday. Never been to Austin Texas. But I hear its the music capital of the south. So that makes me very happy!

Right when I get back I have 2 concerts I purchased tickets for to go solo. I usually buy tickets for people and this year I didn’t want to do that. If you want to go, go buy a ticket. I am totally interested in going to these concerts alone. It will be super entertaining. My first concert is Billy Currington, country music artist and the second is Flo Rida. I have always wanted to see him in concert. And now I have the opportunity. So stoked!

And who knows what else will come my way but so far it’s all good, I’m gonna ride this amazing wave of awesomeness all the way.

Anyways Happy April and enjoy the journey!!

Love, Light and Healing,

Jennifer Downey

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