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Bali Day 20

After a long night, I decided to stay in bed till 630am. I need to not nap today and be tired so that when I do go to sleep at 530-6pm I can easily do so. I was tired so I jumped in the pool to wake up and chilled out for bit. I made breakfast which was an egg and bacon sandwich and rice on the side.

Today was kind of a lazy day. I went into my room and meditated for about an hour. Aric had been reading most of the day, something I could do but haven’t yet. lol. We decided neither of us wanted to cook lunch. We took a ride into town, we were going to a bookstore and grab some grub. Aric was almost finished with his book and wanted something for back up.

We went to eat first because my stomach felt empty, so we found this Mexican restaurant and had no expectations. I ordered a chicken taco and a quesadilla. Aric ordered an assortment of tacos. It all looked amazing. We ate it all and I even ordered churros with nutella dipping sauce. yummmm. It was really good.

We found the used bookstore and it was open. It was hotter inside the little shop than it was outside. We look around and there are shelves with words on them, Dutch, German, English. That was cool, a challenging way to learn another language. I looked up and down each shelf to see if there was anything I’d be interested in reading. As in a lite book; the book I brought is heavy and needs concentration and motivation. Which I will begin to read soon enough. Aric found a book to his liking and paid 20k for it.

We ventured back to the house and by that time it was almost time for bed. I packed up everything I wanted to take on our excursion in the morning.

As my head hit the pillow, I asked Archangel Michael to wake me up at midnight with ease and grace. This was going to be the first time probably ever I went to bed this early to wake up at midnight.

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