Just as humans go through trauma, so do our fur babies and feathered babies. Whether it be an illness, moving, being in a shelter etc. Animals suffer from anxiety, emotional upset, arthritis, illness and injury just like we do.

Just as I write this, a hummingbird hit the sliding glass door at the hotel we are staying at. My friend and I go out there, she picks him up and holds him as I Reiki him. His eyes relax and close as if taking a nap. He begins to stand up straight and flutters his wings a bit. Slightly falls to his side but catches balance. Continuing with Reiki as we walk towards the purple bushes that he eats from. My friend put his beak to the purple flower to encourage him to eat. He flutters his wings again. I finish the Reiki and literally the humming bird flew to the bush beside us and started feeding.

Animal Reiki provides healing energy that helps soothe and calm stressed animals and promotes an overall feeling of health and well-being. There are countless benefits for animals.

I have worked with animals and their separation anxiety, aggression, illnesses, physical pain, depression. The amount of sessions vary dependent upon the severity of the issue.

Animal Reiki in no way shape or form is painful. It is simply done for the greatest and highest good of each individual. Absolutely no harm can come from Reiki.

How It Works

Hands on. I go to the home and bring crystals and a pendulum. Sometimes I use both sometimes I do not use either. The energy of the animal will decide. Healing will still be done hands on with or without the use of the crystals and pendulum, they are just extra tools to assist in the healing process.

Distance for animals. I use the same techniques as Distant Reiki for humans.

We spend a little time getting acquainted.

If possible we go into a room where there are little to no distractions. Typically a bedroom or living room, depending on other animals or people.

I work with crystals and pendulums and use them if I am called to do so.

I am merely a conduit for the energy flow. I assist the energy flow in healing. I am not a miracle worker, however there has been miraculous healing sessions. That is dependent upon the greatest and highest good of each individual.

Hands On Or Distance Reiki?
The choice is yours!