Reiki Party


Interested in a Reiki Party?


Be a Host and get the Most!!

Invite your friends over for a healing get together

and enjoy the benefits of a free reiki session!

What is a Reiki Party?

A gathering of open minded and willing individuals that would like assistance in healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds.


Open and willing participants

4 Guests including Host (Negotiable for more people)


The host provides a safe environment and a quiet room where reiki sessions can be held. Everything will be provided for the reiki sessions. Set up requires approximately 1 hour before party begins.


Before Getting started there will be a small introduction of what will happen.

30 Min sessions include…

5 Mins: discuss what might be going on phsyically, mentlly, emotionally and spiritually.

20 Mins: Reiki session

5 Mins: discuss how you are feeling and what happened or anything you would like to discuss.

Everything is confidential.