Rei means Universal

Ki means Life Energy

Reiki was discovered by Mikao Usui in 1922. Although these types of hands on healing had been practiced for thousands of years previous in different forms.

“Reiki is a special kind of Ki. It is Ki that is guided by spiritual consciousness, and is defined as spiritually guided life energy… Reiki guiding itself with it’s own wisdom rather than requiring the direction of the practitioner.”

-Reiki The Healing Touch, William Lee Brand

Being that Reiki has it’s own awareness and knows how to work when connected to the clients energy field, Reiki can do no harm. It only works for your greatest and highest good. Ki flows through the chakras (meridians) and becomes aware of the energy depletion, essentially blocking you from your natural flow of Ki energy. Wherever that may be, whether it may be physical pains, emotional, or spiritual.

Reiki then flows through those areas, raising the energy vibration that is attached to the blockages. Allowing them to break away, so that your body may heal.

When you have POSITIVE thoughts and emotions, your Ki becomes stronger and builds your immunity to any kind of illness; Physical, spiritual, or emotional.

In contrast…

Any NEGATIVE thought or emotion disrupts your Ki. Causing it to weaken, the more negativity the less immune you become and are prone to accidents, illness, and/ or emotional crisis.

Reiki assists in reducing stress and becoming more relaxed and gives you more of a positive energy boost. Think of it as a massage. You go to the massage parlor and an hour later you feel like you are on cloud nine. Reiki is an energetic massage, assisting in releasing blockages, for your greatest and highest good.

When we start to feel under the weather, come down with an illness or injure ourselves in some way, that is our emotions coming to the surface through our physical body. Telling us that there is something we need to address within. We have ignored these emotions for some time and in order for us to heal our emotions, they must be expressed. If they are not, we result in injury or illness. The clearer our mental and emotional state, the clearer and healthier our physical and spiritual body is. It is that simple.

Budderflie Reiki is about helping individuals release and relax. Everyday life can become heavy on occasion and really affect us. When we get sick, many people blame it on germs and such; However what is really going on is your underlying emotions that have not been released and they are coming up in the form of physical sickness. Many people do not understand or are not aware of their emotions. With reiki we get down to the root of your emotional trauma and release what is no longer serving you and your highest good.