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Bali Day 11

I woke up around 630am, with some real bad stomach pain. So much so that I stayed in bed all day. I was in and out of sleep and up and down to the bathroom every other 10-20 mins. I drank water, ate some toast, ate an avocado as that has more potassium then a banana.

With the villas being on top of one another and the open bathrooms surrounded by cement I was concerned that everyone could hear me. Then I realized that this happens to many people so why should I care, but when you don’t feel awesome, you at least want to feel comfortable; and that I was not.

I was out in the common area and these 2 girls from Russia come in to stay, I was able to be social for a bit here and there. But there were no comfortable places to really sit so I eventually went back to my room.

I don’t think I even got in the pool, that’s how uncomfortable I was. I went no where and ate only the fruits and toast all day. I went to bed around 7pm.

I share this with you because this is a reality that many people go through when visiting other countries. Not everything is perfect everyday while on holiday.