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Full Moon After Affects

This past full moon took everyone for a ride, at least everyone I know. It was a full moon in Pisces and it brought much turmoil for many.

Over the course of my time herre in Bali I have had only 2 instances where my back went out on me. The first one was because I was in fear of other people opinions. This time which happened during the full moon energy, I was worried about my mom and my financial situation.

I had a guy come to my villa who is a physiotherapist. He was here for a total of 2 hours. My friend recommened this guy and I was willing to do anything because the guy I went to last time was not available as it was on a sunday. She forwarned me about how painful it will be. She was not exaggerating. She told me that she cried and bends you in all kinds of ways.

I have done many things since I’ve been here that were not comfortable at all, so I decided I can handle it. I laid across my bed and he began. Not a massage, it was more like a fascia blasting massage. OMG! I stuck my face in the pillow and screamed, sweat and cried. This went on for 2 hours! There were a few times that I just begged him to stop in tears. In the end it was exactly what I needed to release.

No better time to release old stuff than during the full moon. During which time I was super emotional and felt very insecure. At some point I wrote down all the things I was ready to release and sent it off to the Universe.

After the full moon energies cleared up, I felt a significant change within. I began to see more, I found myself to be more claircognizant, clairaudiant, and clairsentience. My awareness has heightened drastically since the full moon. I am so grateful to have had this experience, even though it was as painful as it was; physically, mentally, spiritually.

I have released so much that it has enabled more to come forward into my life. Even my daily life has changed from running around and meeting up with everyone all the time to me just focusing on what I am here to do. I stopped listening to others’ and what they think I need to do. We all get caught up in that occasionally and I felt like I was in that for at least a month. Which brought me to the full moon. I, again, turn around and do me. I have been having dreams and visions and seeing all the signs that I am on my path. So I continue to move forward.

I have been painting as of late and it’s been quite interesting to see what shows up within my paintings. All the emotions that I was growing through in each painting.

My goal now is to continue to paint waves and watch the progression of my waves and the mood behind each one.

All part of the process, love and light to all.

~ Budderflie

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Bali Day 22

Today I was tired. Woke up and feeling exhausted. Didn’t do much today, I sat on the couch inside where it was hot and tried to blog. But what I forgot was, we had to find a place to stay tomorrow.

I jumped in the pool and came back to the couch. I turned a movie on netflix on the TV and zoned out for a bit. Arik and I talked about going our seperate ways for a bit and I was down for that. So he had found a place and booked. Me on the other hand, over thinking everything and do too much research.

I finally found a place in Canggu for 16bux a night. I found a room with private bath, private kitchen and bed; with a pool. Walking distance to the grocery stores. Good, I was settled about that. I decided to pack up and get everything together so I wouldn’t have to in the morning.

Arik had gone for a walk and came back saying he got a 2 hour massage. He went the same place I had gone to for my mani/ pedi. We both were hungry but didn’t feel like cooking. So we hopped on the scooters and went for some of those tacos we had the other day.

On our way back, still so early we stopped to ask the ladies what time the massage is open till, they said 7. So we went back to the house and I decided I was gonna go get an hour. Arik stayed and got caught up on some tv shows.

I went there and asked for the girl who worked on Arik, he said she was amazing. So when I did, I guess she didn’t want to or couldn’t and the motherly woman says, I do it. I said ok. She was good but not how I like it. But that’s ok, I didn’t mind so much, it felt good to be touched.

When I got back we decided to chill out and watch the Ozarks on Netflix. Omg…SSSSSOOOOO good!

I don’t even have any pictures for today, that’s how lazy of a day. Trying to take care of business.

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Bali Day One

My travels began in Boston a few days ago. I left on the March 10th from Boston. Flew to LAX in coach, which I am used to, ain’t no thing on a domestic flight. Then from LAX to Sydney Australia, where I had a 4.5 hour layover. Here is a life hack for all you who travel or plan on travelling, I know a woman who is a stewardess and she told me to treat the stewards with candy or something of the sort. She told me that they appreciate it along with dressing nicer than sweats and flip flops. She said that they appreciate it and they will definitely know who you are and if applicable it can lead to upgrades.

I told my parents before I left that I needed some candy for the steward’s and my mom bought me 2 bags of some goodies, Lindt Chocolates and something else, being that I am not a candy person I was grateful my mom took care of that for me.

So as I got on my plane from LAX to Sydney, the flight was not full but I knew the crew would be larger than the domestic. Ergo, I gave the candy to the crew going to Australia. I already upgraded my seat to Comfort plus because I knew I would need space, I have long restless legs. As a stewardess came by handing us a travel kit I pulled one bag out and handed it to her and told her I appreciate her and her crew for making this trip easy. And the fact that they have to stay awake and take care of us on an overnight 14 plus hour flight. She was so thrilled, she asked me my name and said thank you. She came back around and asked me if I wanted an empty row to myself. I was originally by myself until this awesome couple booked there flight a day ago. So I said sure thing, giving me ample room and the couple their space. What?! Now I got to stretch out between 3 seats to sleep! YES!!! I was able to pull out my bag and put it under one of 3 seats. I pulled out the other bag of candy and gave it to the other stewardess who thanked me for the other bag of candy and she was thrilled to have another. They were so super sweet to me. I was beyond grateful and I still am.

In the Dark…

Needless to say I had a great flight to Australia. The only thing about flying to Australia from LAX at 930pm is that we were in the dark the entire 14 hours. As we approached Sydney it was then did the sun begin to rise. We flew, literally, right through March 11th as if it didn’t even exist for any of us. We arrived in Sydney on March 12th at 7 something am.

Grateful to have landed and ready to jump on the next flight, I had a layover for about 4.5 hours. Breakfast, phone calls and a rosay (rose- I don’t have the ` over the e). Finally we board, so excited to be 6 hours away at this point. I get on the plane and it’s full! Everyone is going to Bali, regardless of worldly events.

We all fit like sardines on this plane. I was window, which was fine but restricted space as the window curves at your feet. All the hours went by so slow. I finally get up for the first time and I go use the restroom and next thing you know something is happening and all I hear is “is there a doctor or nurse on the plane that can help?” I tried to open the bathroom door and they told me to stay there. In my head, I’m thinking yeah, no, not happening. I stayed in there for about a minute and I just went out and stood in the service station. A baby turned blue, poor thing. I wasn’t in the way, gratefully, so I did some reiki on the baby as everyone else was trying to figure it all out. When I was about to go back to my seat, the baby turned normal, nobody knew what was wrong with baby but baby was ok now. Thankfully.


We finally land, we all disembark the bus and head to a bus. We drove to the main terminal where we had to be screened and then our ID’s checked. I thought that was it, meanwhile I am trying to figure out how to connect with my family so that they know I landed. I then had to go through customs, which wasn’t challenging and walked right out to go find my driver. He sent me a picture of what he was wearing, so I searched for his shorts. Everyone was wearing sarongs so it was easier for me to look for shorts than his tshirt.

I found him and we were off. Super nice guy, brother of the owner of Giovanda House in Ubud. Check this out, for all of those who keep saying that my trip resembles Eat Pray Love, The owners name is Ketut!

Anyways Rai, Ketut’s brother, began to drive me to the AirBnB. I had asked him if we could stop at an ATM and pick up a SIM card. I told him I didn’t want to do any of that in the airport. He agreed. So we drove and he pulled over at this little joint that just so happens to be his favorite lunch spot. So I asked him if he was hungry, I know I was, so we ate. He helped me order and man, was it good. I watched him eat with his fingers and realized I was eating with a fork. I look over to another guy in there eating and decided forks aren’t for me. Which if anyone knows me, you know I prefer finger foods anyways. But here that’s how they eat. SOLD! We spent more time driving as I asked questions about everything and answered all to his best ability.

I can see how many people don’t want to drive here, if they are not from here. I have zero desire to do such things. That road is something else. Rai, said there are the lines in the road, street lights and no rules. Just guidelines. So many motor bikes, I would not feel comfortable riding one at all. There were many dogs running around but they seemed content. Which makes me feel better, knowing it’s what they know as opposed to California where they are left on the side of the road and in fear. These dogs know how to run the streets, just as the motor bikes do. This was tough to see but I saw a motorbike clip {not hit him} a dog walking along the road, but they way the dog and the motor cyclist handled it, was like a human just walked in front of a moving vehicle. The pup turned and barked and the motorist slowed and waited till the dog got out of the way and took off.

Ubud, Bali

After what felt like forever, we finally pull up to the place. So grateful to change, relax for a few, get my head together, make some calls etc. Then it was time to go get waxed, I decided before I left that i was gonna do that so I wouldn’t have to worry about shaving {I’m Italian, we are hairy people}. As it turns out, they do sugaring as opposed to wax, does the exact same thing but without the sticky wax everywhere. After I did that, I was looking at their menu and contemplated a massage, as if I really need to talk myself into one. Apparently I did because I was hesitant, to be fair I was hungry. I said food can wait, my body had been through enough in the past 3 mysterious days of travel. OMG, she melted me right into the bed.

I left and went to find some grub. Found a little cozy place with a band playing and had me some chicken satay. And walked home with ease and grace. It has been quite the adventure for the past 3 days, although I want to call it 2 days because we lost a day but either way, I may have only slept 5-6 hours in the course of 72 hours.

But tonight I am going to rest with ease and grace and wake up tomorrow feeling super refreshed and energized. So blessed. I actually cried at the airport because of my gratitude for making it here. For so many, what I am doing is a dream; And I am living it.

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Today is now the 21st day of the month. My last post, I had slipped and fell on the ice. The next day I woke up with a severe case of whiplash. So very painful. I couldn’t go to work and I couldn’t eat. I some how managed to get to the chiropractor and a 30 min massage.

Both allowing the healing process to begin. I relaxed in bed for the next couple of days listening to binaural beats and using my crystal bowl for sound healing on myself. I attempted to take 2 epsom salt baths only to find that there is a leak in the downstairs kitchen from the bath itself, oh boy.

Me trying to assist my healing, listening to cell regeneration binaural beats and icing my swollen neck.

After sitting in pain and meditating and healing for several days, I looked up a floating tanks. Now I can’t take baths at home and my neck needs to be free and released. I found a semi local place, Flote. In North Hampton, NH.

I make an appointment and didn’t realize I would be driving there in a blizzard, which made my neck and shoulders more tense. I make it there in one pc and head on in for my first floating experience.

They offer you a donut shaped foam ring to rest your head on or you can go without. I went for the first half with it under my head and decided to take it out. My head just need to be free. It felt so much better without.


What is flotation?

Floating (or floatation therapy) is a practice that involves a small room or pod filled with a foot of water and over a thousand pounds of epsom salt. The high salt content allows you to be completely buoyant as you lay in the water, and creates an experience of deep relaxation.  The environment is quiet and dark, and sensory input is minimized, allowing one to experience a profound level of relaxation. It is a unique practice that provides a long list of mental, physical and spiritual benefits that compound over time with regular sessions.

I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. I went from feeling like 65% to 85-90% after my session. It is an hour long at Seacoast Flote, not sure how others are working theres. I was able to work the next evening, although not to my full capacity, nonetheless, I did not need to call out, again.

I went one more time after and feel 95%. I have 2 more sessions I will be going to. If you are curious about it, check out this website…Although this is for my area, it will give you an idea. It’s worth trying, especially if you’ve exhausted all other options.

Love, Light and Healing,