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Bali Day 24

Today is the day to catch up on my blogs. When I take a trillion pictures it takes awhile to go through them and add all the media to the blog. As you can tell I have been trying to be as thorough as I can with my daily activities. And there are some days I do nothing and have zero pictures.

This morning I woke up and was sleepy. I got out of bed and read my horoscopes for the day. I meditated for 10 mins to set the tone for the day. Then I did some planks and jumped in the pool to wake up so more. I watched one of the 3 cats play with a bug in the garden.

I made myself some eggs and toast; and for the record I only made 3 eggs and made a sandwich. It was so delicious but then I had to clean up immediately otherwise all the little baby ants would invade my space. Not cool. They are everywhere. When I made watermelon juice, I cleaned everything, or so I thought. I came back to wash my glass and there were ants everywhere…I would’ve taken a picture but I was pre-occupied freaking out!

I pulled out the little table from my room and placed it in front of the bench outside; So I could still enjoy the outdoors, aka pool and sun. I literally kept going back and forth with my laptop and pool all day. It was nice, until it started raining.

By the time evening came around I decided to go for a walk to see if anyone was open for food, I walked down the street, not too far away and found a little joint that only did take away. I ordered chicken satay and friend noodles with cap chay and took it home.


I sat outside, because I didn’t want any ants following me into my room. I was going to go out but decided I was tired and stayed in. I went in the room, laid down and watched Ozark’s. Went to bed after 2 episodes.

This is where I stay…

Blog, food, New Beginnings, Thoughts, Travel, Uncategorized

Bali Day 22

Today I was tired. Woke up and feeling exhausted. Didn’t do much today, I sat on the couch inside where it was hot and tried to blog. But what I forgot was, we had to find a place to stay tomorrow.

I jumped in the pool and came back to the couch. I turned a movie on netflix on the TV and zoned out for a bit. Arik and I talked about going our seperate ways for a bit and I was down for that. So he had found a place and booked. Me on the other hand, over thinking everything and do too much research.

I finally found a place in Canggu for 16bux a night. I found a room with private bath, private kitchen and bed; with a pool. Walking distance to the grocery stores. Good, I was settled about that. I decided to pack up and get everything together so I wouldn’t have to in the morning.

Arik had gone for a walk and came back saying he got a 2 hour massage. He went the same place I had gone to for my mani/ pedi. We both were hungry but didn’t feel like cooking. So we hopped on the scooters and went for some of those tacos we had the other day.

On our way back, still so early we stopped to ask the ladies what time the massage is open till, they said 7. So we went back to the house and I decided I was gonna go get an hour. Arik stayed and got caught up on some tv shows.

I went there and asked for the girl who worked on Arik, he said she was amazing. So when I did, I guess she didn’t want to or couldn’t and the motherly woman says, I do it. I said ok. She was good but not how I like it. But that’s ok, I didn’t mind so much, it felt good to be touched.

When I got back we decided to chill out and watch the Ozarks on Netflix. Omg…SSSSSOOOOO good!

I don’t even have any pictures for today, that’s how lazy of a day. Trying to take care of business.