I have to say before I knew you did this, I noticed as if life was easier today… I felt feelings of relaxation and hadn’t even meditate this morning. As I walked out the door to hit the yard sales, I felt very alert…like never before…like really WOW!!!  I kept thinking what is going on with me today? 

 Then I realized i wasn’t in pain?? hum? well ok then… kept going with relief. No Joke!  No fibro, no tmj, no arthritis, I was bouncing off the walls with joy i only feel in meditation. 

Thank you!! Again, I am with so much gratitude… I couldn’t stop crying for a few hours… just so overwhelmed with joy, love, and peace.

 Love and Light….



(Long Distance Reiki)

Tonie Peters

She had a brain tumor and was having seizures daily as well as throwing up. 3 sessions with 2 weeks in between each she no longer has seizures and only throws up when she over eats. They didn’t think she would make it. Now she has all of her color back and eating healthily.

Love and Light ChiChi!

ChiChi the Cat

Miss Addie had just lost her best friend and lost her way. She wasn’t as playful or content. After 4 sessions with her, one on one, she has become more and more playful and content. She gets excited whereas before she just moped around the stable. Now she gallops and runs and talks to her mom more.

Love you Miss Addie!

Love, Light and Healing


Miss Addie the Horse